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How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer is an efficient way of cleaning your car. Not only does a pressure washer pack more cleaning power than your typical garden hose, it also uses less water, so you get to save even a little on your water utility bill. In this article, we will talk about the basics of using a pressure washer to wash your car.

Using a pressure washer to wash your car

How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure WasherCleaning your car using a pressure might be intuitive, but there are a couple of things you should consider before cleaning your car using a pressure washer. Here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Make sure that you are using the right pressure setting as well as the right nozzle.Pressure washers can be used to clean grime and debris off concrete surfaces, so you should be wary of the pressure setting you are using when washing your car using a pressure washer. For washing cars, you want a pressure washer at a setting of between 1900 and 2800 cleaning units. Any less than that and you might as well have just used your garden hose. Any more and you might end up causing some damage on your car’s paint job. Make sure that the pressure setting is between 1200 and 1900 PSI. If possible, use two types of nozzles: a 25 degree and a 40 degree. A 25 degree nozzle is great for cleaning wheels and truck beds, as well as in removing mud stains from the surface of the car. A 40 degree, meanwhile, covers a large area at once and is ideal for rinsing off detergent.
  2. How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure WasherMake sure that your cark is parked in an open space before starting washing it. Using a pressure washer to wash your car will inevitably lead to water spraying in all directions, so do your washing in an area where nothing can be water damaged. Also, if your pressure washer is electric, make sure that you are washing your car somewhere near an outlet. Note that some pressure washers cannot be plugged in extension cords so plan accordingly.
  3. Start with a pre-wash rinse using a 25 degree nozzle. Before applying detergent to your car, you would want to remove mud stains and other debris first. Make sure that your pressure washer is properly plugged in and connected to a water source. Make sure that a 25 degree nozzle is also plugged in. Turn on the pressure washer and do some test sprays on the ground to check the water pressure. If the pressure is alright, start spraying water on the surface of the car, paying particular attention to dirty parts, especially the tires and hubcaps. As much as possible, spray the water onto the surface of the car with a downward motion.
  4. How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure WasherApply detergent. If your pressure washer does not have a compartment for detergent, then you have no choice but to soap the car yourself. However, if there is a detergent compartment, all you have to do is dilute the detergent with water in a bucket, then pour the solution into the detergent tank of the pressure washer. Make sure that the detergent you are using is especially formulated for use with pressure washers. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your pressure washer. Once the detergent tank is full, switch the setting of your pressure washer so that you are spraying detergent and not water, and start spraying your car with the detergent solution.
  5. Rinse the car using a 40 degree nozzle. Once you are done soaping your car, remove the 25 degree nozzle attached to the pressure washer hose and replace it with a 40 degree nozzle. Switch the output of your pressure washer back to the water source (so you do not end up spraying your car with more soapy water) and thoroughly wash off the detergent from the surface of your car.

And that is how easy it is to wash your car with a pressure washer. All you need to do is follow these five simple steps and you will have a spanking clean car in no time. Of course, after using your pressure washer, make sure to clean and dry it off properly, and put it back in proper storage.

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Ford Performance Teams (Formerly Ford Racing)

Ford Performance Teams

The Ford Performance Teams is the brand name used to refer to the racing activities and motorsports by Ford Company. The Ford team started engaging in racing in the year 1896. This is the year when the founder of the company-Henry Ford, reached the highest speed of 20mph with his first car named Quadricycle. Up to date, the company has engaged in numerous races with approximately 606 wins. In the formula one held in Abu Dhabi, they have managed 176 wins while in V8 Supercar racing held in Australia they have clinched 330 wins.

About Ford Performance Teams

Ford Performance Teams The ford teams have taken part in various racing competition. Some of the most significant platforms where the ford teams have taken part include:

  • Formula One
  • National Association for Stock Car (NASCAR)
  • World Rally
  • Global Rally Cross
  • Automobile Racing Club of America
  • World WRX
  • V8 Supercar
  • Touring Car
  • Formula Drift
  • United Sportscar Championship
  • World GT1 and GTS


Ford Performance Teams Some of the ford performance teams that have taken part in NASCAR racing series include:

Team Penske: This team started their racing at NASCAR in 1972. Currently, they have fourteen drivers and have worn 103 in the sprint series.

Roush Fenway: This is one of the most experienced teams in NASCAR. It was founded in the year 1988, has engaged in 5,499 racing events with 322 wins to their name. In the sprint series, they currently have a pole position of 88.

Richard Petty Motorsports: This racing team was founded in the year 2000. Their total racing to date is approximately one thousand and twelve. They are credited with twenty-seven wins in the NASCAR sprint series and have a pole position of 36.

Stewart-Haas Team: This is the team is expected to race the ford car in the sprint series in 2017. They were founded in 2003 and as such experienced in racing.


Ford Performance Teams In the ARCA racing series, Lira Motorsport is the Ford performance team that represents the ford team in the competition. The team was launched in2015 and took place in 20 racing events. They won two racing events at sprint series. Unfortunately, this particular racing team was terminated earlier this year.

The World Rally Championship

Some of the ford teams that have taken part in this championship include:

M-sport Rally Team: this team was founded in 2006 and has no win so far.

DMack world Team: This Britain-based team was founded in 2012 and also has no win to its record.

Yazeed Al-Rajhi: This is a Saudi Arabia-born driver who has been racing for the ford team in this championship. He started racing in the year 2008 and has 5 points to his record.

World GT1 and GTS

Ford Performance Teams Fischer Racing: This is a Ford racing team was founded in 2006 and is based in Germany. Other ford performance teams in this series are Belgian Team and the Marc VDS Team.

Some of the past Ford Performance teams include Sun Trust team, Matech GT team, Abu Dhabi team, and Munch’s Ford rally team.


In every racing competition, the Ford Performance team has a capable and experienced racing team. Unfortunately, in January during the Detroit Auto show week, the Chief of Ford Performance confirmed that they will not be taking part in V8 Supercar racing series in the near future. This, he said is not congruent to their current priorities. Nevertheless, the Ford team is one of the most experienced team in the history of motor activities and as such very knowledgeable on various issue entailing cars and racing.

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Best Car Racers of the World


There are several car racers who have established a name as a result of their success in different races. Eventually, these car racers are remembered and written in the world books of history. The following include a list of 10 car racers who are known by the world today;

1) Juan Manuel Fangio

Best Car Racers of the WorldManuel is an Argentina born car racer who is also known as El maestro (the master). With only 51 appearances in the Formula One races, Manuel managed to win 23 races. This was after starting his career at 37 years old. Currently, Manuel has established himself among the world best car racers.

2) Michael Shumacher

Best Car Racers of the WorldMichael holds 91 grand Prix victories. At the same time, he has won seven Formula One races. Between 2000 and 2004, he enjoyed the best spell of his career with most of his prizes and awards coming in during that time. In this period, he recorded 5 championships under his name.

3) Jeff Gordon

Best Car Racers of the WorldHe is among the best premier NASCAR drivers known today. Jeff has a total of 88 wins which comprises of four championship titles and also three Daytona 500 cups. He has also established as fan-favorite with his usual entertaining driving behaviors during races.

4) A. J. Foyt

Best Car Racers of the WorldA. J. is an American-born car racer who is also known as “Super Tex”. He has previously participated in competitions such as Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Daytona, Daytona 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He holds a total of 67 trophies as a result of his spectacular car racing talent.

5) Mario Andretti

Best Car Racers of the WorldMario broke the record after winning the Indy 500, Daytona 500 and a Formula Championship. Thus, he became the next American to win the three competitions after the record was kept by another American racer who won the competitions after being racing from 1964 to 1994. He also won other competitions such as Indy car championships and Indianapolis 500.

6) Ayrton Senna

Best Car Racers of the WorldHe is a Brazilian born car racer who recorded a massive 41 GP victories. Senna also recorded 65 poles and 19 fastest laps which made him one of the best car racers the world has ever seen. He was also known for his ability to drive under harsh weathers, for example, in Estoril and in Donington Park.

7) Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Best Car Racers of the WorldEarnhardt previously recorded a total of seven championships and also 76 wins. He was known for his hard character after he would not let any drive go past him easily. As a result, this made it possible for him to beat other drives in different races.

8) Lewis Hamilton

Best Car Racers of the WorldAfter his stunning performance in the 2007 F1 Season and the Malaysian Grand Prix, Hamilton was able to impress many people in the world. Also, his famous win against Massa made him to be recognized among the world best car racers. Currently, Hamilton has recorded a total of nine wins in 20 starts.

9) Jammie Johnson

Best Car Racers of the WorldJohnson is a winner of 6 Championships and 2 Daytona 500 wins. After participating in only five Daytona 500 competitions, he managed to record two of them to his name. This acted to showcase his career and talent in car racing.

10) Mark Donohue

Best Car Racers of the WorldIn his first five appearances in the Indy 500s, Donohue managed to beat other experienced drivers to record a win in his tender age in 1972. Eventually, he participated in Formula 1 in 1971, 1974, and in 1975.


Whereas some car racers fade, some have managed to retain a high reputation. However, only a few who have made it to showcase their ability and skills. This has been resulted by their drive and passion to achieve the best out of car racing.

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Why Should a Driver Have an Air Compressor for Tire Inflation?

Air Compressor for Tire Inflation

An air compressor is an important tool for a car driver. It enhances you to inflate your car tires without delay. Therefore, it increases your potential to drive fast.

A flat tire may inconvenience you when you are driving. Furthermore, inflating the tires with handy tire inflators is tiresome while it takes considerably long time before you are set to drive.

Importance of an Air Compressor for Tire Inflation

Regardless of the PSI or voltage ranking, air compressors are more effective and fast in inflating the tires. They make the process easier and faster compared to the mechanical methods.

1) Air Compressor is Faster in Inflating Tires

Why Should a Driver Have an Air Compressor for Tire InflationWith an air compressor, you need only five minutes to get the job done. Once you connect the air compressor to the tire’s pressure hole, the task seems to have been completed. Since it does not require you to pump in the pressure, an air compressor is effective and translates into a faster process.

2) It Store Readily Compressed Air in the Storage Tanks

This is what makes an air compressor suitable for drivers and especially for car racers. With an air compressor, you have air ready for your tires. At the same time, the tool is effective and faster in inflating your tires. Therefore, the process becomes faster and without any potential delays.

3) It has a Built-in Pressure Gauge

With a built-in pressure gauge, it becomes faster to inflate your tires. First, you can simply familiarize with the amount pressure that is needed by each of your car tires. Therefore, you simply inflate the tires up to a certain level.

Secondly, the pressure gauge notifies you on the amount of pressure in a tire. Thus, you may be able to predict the amount of time needed to re-inflate the tire again. However, an air compressor takes less than 10 minutes to inflate a flat tire. Therefore, the process has no any delays.

4) All Pressure is Directed to the Tire

Why Should a Driver Have an Air Compressor for Tire InflationThe air compressor has a tire valve nozzle. This nozzle is connected to the tire pressure hole in order to allow in the pressure from the compressor. The tire nozzle valve is designed to be compatible to various sizes of tire pressure holes. This makes it possible to pump in all the pressure from the compressor to the tire.

5) Tire Inflating Air Compressor is Portable and Affordable

Unlike other handy inflator tools, a tire inflating air compressor is portable. Therefore, you can use it at any point of your travel. This keeps you more safe and confident of your travel. Therefore, you do not have to fear having a flat tire in between your journey since it is easy to add more pressure. Furthermore, a portable air compressor is cheaper than other air compressor inflators at the major garages. Thus, you can consider purchasing one specifically for your vehicle.


Manual tire inflation is strenuous and time-taking. This might not be suitable when you are in a hurry to make it to the workplace in time or amidst your journey. Therefore, it is wise to consider having an air compressor to help you make this process friendlier and faster.

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What Requirements Should Be In Your Car Gun Safe?

Possessing a gun requires you to take responsibility and take great care for it. A car gun safe ensures that your gun is safe when it is in the car. At the same time, it allows you to quickly pick your gun to protect yourself or your car in case of robbery cases.

However, you need to ensure that you have the right choice of a gun safe in order to have proper security and quick access of your gun in your car and gun safe reviews are recommended for you to help you find the perect gun safe for you. Thus, you should be keen on the gun safe’s features.

Requirements of a Car Gun Safe

1) Slimmer Design

What Requirements Should Be In Your Car Gun SafeA car gun safe should not be like a gun safe that is used at home. It should be sensitive to the limited space in a vehicle. Thus, a car gun safe should be able to fit in the small space that is left by the seats and other parts of the vehicle.

Therefore, a gun safe with a slimmer design may preferably be better than that one which has an outwards-extended shape. This will make it easy to fit the gun safe between the seats for an easy access and usage.

2) Proper Locking Mechanism

You may consider different choices of locking mechanisms for your car gun safe. There are various locking mechanisms such as mechanical dial, mechanical push buttons, thumb print scanning, and electronic pin code.
In this case, you might select the type of locking mechanism that suits you depending on the aspects such as ease of use and quick response. Mostly, individuals select mechanical locks since they are easier to use.

3) Compatible Mounting Option

Different car gun safes have different mounting options. First is the security cable which is easy to mount anywhere in the car. However, a security cable may become loose and eventually become functionless.
Secondly, other car gun safes come with drilled holes and screws.

What Requirements Should Be In Your Car Gun SafeTherefore, all you need is a screw driver to drill in your safe. However, burglars may find it easy to just unscrew the safe. This may result to loss of your gun as well as the safe. Nonetheless, this option is better since it is fixed and, thus, it is easier to use.

4) Functional Structural Integrals

Mostly, burglars are always targeting to break into cars and the car gun safes in order to reach the guns. Therefore, a car gun safe is vulnerable to frequent shocks or being hit using items such as hammers or crowbar.

Therefore, you need to install a strongly and secure car gun safe to prevent any forceful removal by the burglars or robbers. Preferably, you may choose a gun safe made of thick steel material such as 16 GA. Such a gun safe would present burglars and robbers with a hard task to break.


Do not risk storing your gun inside the glove compartment. The glove compartment may seem easy to use especially in case of unexpected occurrence. However, such storage is easy for burglars to access and take your gun. Therefore, find a car gun safe which is lockable and safe from being broken. This will allow you to easily safeguard your gun from being stolen.

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Facts About the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang

With the car being redesigned in 2015, Ford Mustang has emerged one of the top racing cars in the market today. It is installed with Ford Sync 3 system which offers improved connectivity. The vehicle also has emblems and badges that represent the initial 1964’s Ford Mustang car.

What are the Facts associated with Ford Mustang?

1) The Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964

Facts About the Ford MustangThis car model was introduced on April 17, 1964 at the Flushing Meadows, New York in 1964. Eventually, the car faired in the market within US and Canada and later across the world. Up to today, the vehicle has the numerous features that were included in its first model.

2) It was Highly Used in Movies

Previously, the Ford Mustang was the movie-stars best car. For instance, Steve McQueen used the car in the 1968 classic Bullitt. Also, James Bond used the car in his movie, “Goldfinger”. Many other stars used the car in their acting.

3) It Took Its Name From World War II P-51 Fighter Plane

This was a famous aircraft which was also known as the “avid killer of enemy”. The idea came with Phil Clark who eventually joined Ford in the year 1962. Phil joined the Ford as a designer and he came up with the graphic icon to represent this car model.

4) The Car participated in 2007’s Breast Cancer Awareness

In 2007, a car brand that was known as “Warriors in Pink” Mustang was released by Ford. The car was produced to help raise money to help in the fight against cancer. Eventually, the money that was collected was donated in a project which was known as “Susan GH. Komen for the cure” among other charities

5) McLaren was also associated with Ford Mustang

In 1980, Ford collaborated with McLaren to produce the M81 Mustang. The car was manually designed with hands. It was priced an enormous cost of $25,000. Therefore, the price discouraged buyers with only 11 such cars being produced.

6) The Car was developed with the Idea of Affordability

Facts About the Ford MustangAlthough it is associated with features such as fast drive, perfectly designed logos and emblems, and a wide range of colors, the Ford Mustang has always been cost-friendly every time while in them market. The vehicle has recorded an average price of around $30,000 since it was introduced.

7) Ford Mustang has a Long List of Awards

Due to its American design, the vehicle was honored in 1965 with the Tiffany Gold Medal of excellence. It has also recorded several Ten Best Car and Drivers awards until late in 2015 when it was lately gifted.

8) Ford Mustang is associated with Unique Features

The vehicle has Sync 3 system which works as the previous MyFordTouch offering a Premium package. This ensures that a user can have several commands such as voice command and a user-friendly interface.

9) The most expensive Ford Mustang was sold at an Auction

This car was sold at a cost of over $1 million. Since its introduction, it has been famous due to its affordable prices. However, in May, 2013, 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake was sold at a price of $1.3million. Up to date, that vehicle holds the record of the most expensive Ford Mustang.


The Ford Mustang has been in the market for over 50 years. At the same time, the vehicle has been subjected to several improvements and additions of extra features. Although numerous features in the current brand resemble those of the 1964’s brand, the Ford Mustang has really seen great changes since its invention.

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How Can Dash Camera Help to Win the Race?


A dashboard-mounted camera is a camera that has the ability to record all that takes place on the road. Some cameras have a GPS built in, this helps you to know the spots where the recording took place.

Dash camera manufactures have become more innovative in increasing the usability of their products. In connection to this, the use of such cameras has been used in racing; and such a product can help you win a race.

Dash Cameras and Racing

Recording and Over-writing the Footage

Unlike earlier times when cameras would only record- the increase in technology has translated to better and wider use of the cameras. The dash camera does recording and also over-writes the footage. This is going to help one to have a competitive edge in racing.

Special Features

How Can Dash Camera Help to Win the RaceSome dash cams have special features that allow you to select the sections of the footage to keep (this is done automatically). In addition to that, there are sensors which are used to detect lane movement, any movement near your car, and frontal collision. Thus, during a race, you can easily detect any probability of collision or any disruption. This is going to help you save as much time as possible. You can visit the Dash Camera Zone for some of the best dash cam reviews where you can get a list of dashboard camers with different features and how they compare to each other. Before choosing the dash cam for your car you need to know what features you need.

Automatic Rotation of the View

Racing drivers are going to benefit from the automatic rotation of the field of view. In addition to that, the amateur racer as well as the professional racer ought to practice the routes before the race.

It should be noted that most users use specific and pre-determined routes. After much practice, you can record everything and continue with the practice at home (through reviewing the recording). You can also lay down concrete strategies for the new races.

Satellite Technology

Satellite technology enhances the use of GPS which in turn helps in global positioning during racing. In particular, country racers are going to find this feature beneficial. This is because it will give them a better view of the road’s terrain. Furthermore, you are going to know the speed of the car at different positions.

G-Sensors and Better Day and Night Vision

How Can Dash Camera Help to Win the RaceThe use of the G-sensors (gravity sensor) is going to help you know some things all at the same time. It should be noted that the racing driver can change the levels of sensibility or totally disable some features.
In addition to that, some cameras have well-developed night or light vision. Consequently, the racer is able to capture the driving experience whether it is during the day or at night. It should be noted that the flashing interferes with the quality of night recording. Consequently, when searching for a dash cam, be sure to buy a camera that successfully controls and manages the lighting.

Speakers and Sound

The features of the sounds as well as the speakers do make the racing practice as well as the actual racing better. You can also revisit the interaction between you and your team-mate for a better understanding. In connection to this, the use of speakers can help you get warnings on your driving.


Be sure to check the classing system of your dash camera. Typically, this depends on if you are ready to invest in a high-end product or a budget camera. Other categories include duo and mid-range camera. Almost all this categories have the above mentioned features. However, if you want to have a higher chance of winning a race, consider buying a camera that is at least a mid-range camera, and higher.

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Do Fuel Injection Cleaners Work?


It is not uncommon to see various commercials that showcase a fuel injection cleaner. A dominant question among car users is if it actually works, and if it leads to an improvement in the overall performance as well as mileage. It might be futile to replace a fuel tank with the fuel injection cleaner if you are not sure about it.

The answer is that the fuel injection works. However, you ought to know when to use it. In addition to that, you ought to do a good market research on where to buy the product. Moreover, you need to explore the best fuel injection cleaner products.

How Does Fuel Injection Cleaner Work?

Do Fuel Injection Cleaners WorkIn recent years, fuel is not as stable nowadays. For example, manufacturers use ethanol in order to boost octane. Consequently, alcohol forms by-products which are not combustible. The by-products accumulate in the fuel injectors over time. The end results are poor engine performance, reduced fuel economy, as well as hard starts. Furthermore, a dirty fuel injector may pose problems to ignition- it takes longer.

Duane C. Richardson, a technical service engineer, likens an engine to an oven. If you prepare cookies for a day, the oven will remain spotless. But take a few years without cleaning it, and you will have accumulated crud. The same case applies to the engine. The more the time that you take before cleaning and maintenance, the higher the level of accumulated deposits. In particular, the use of low-grade fuel can worsen the condition.

This is where the fuel injection cleaners come in- to clean out the harmful deposits. In other words, you need to dissolve the harmful chemicals. In addition to that, they are not difficult to use. You just need to pour it to the tank, when the gas is full.

Please note that you should not use the fuel injection cleaners when you have a re-conditioned or new engine.

The Effects of Using a Fuel Injection Cleaner

Do Fuel Injection Cleaners WorkThe obvious effect is that you are able to have a smooth running of your engine. In addition to that, there is a significant gain in the use of fuel. Again, one is able to keep the carbon deposits in check. It should be noted that the life of a car largely depends on the level of maintenance that it receives. If you value your car, proper maintenance of the engine takes the center of its care in order to ensure that it has a long life. The fact is that the use of liquid cleaners works as far is it is done within the proper specifications.


Fuel system treatment, fuel system cleaner, and the fuel injection cleaner are all important for your engine. Today, most drivers use alcohol containing ethanol. Thus, the use of fuel injection cleaners comes in handy.

If you notice that your car may need more attention, you may need to take it for better care, the specialists. Overall, with the right choice, and the right use of the fuel inject cleaners, your car will be as good as new.

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