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Best Car Racers of the World


There are several car racers who have established a name as a result of their success in different races. Eventually, these car racers are remembered and written in the world books of history. The following include a list of 10 car racers who are known by the world today;

1) Juan Manuel Fangio

Best Car Racers of the WorldManuel is an Argentina born car racer who is also known as El maestro (the master). With only 51 appearances in the Formula One races, Manuel managed to win 23 races. This was after starting his career at 37 years old. Currently, Manuel has established himself among the world best car racers.

2) Michael Shumacher

Best Car Racers of the WorldMichael holds 91 grand Prix victories. At the same time, he has won seven Formula One races. Between 2000 and 2004, he enjoyed the best spell of his career with most of his prizes and awards coming in during that time. In this period, he recorded 5 championships under his name.

3) Jeff Gordon

Best Car Racers of the WorldHe is among the best premier NASCAR drivers known today. Jeff has a total of 88 wins which comprises of four championship titles and also three Daytona 500 cups. He has also established as fan-favorite with his usual entertaining driving behaviors during races.

4) A. J. Foyt

Best Car Racers of the WorldA. J. is an American-born car racer who is also known as “Super Tex”. He has previously participated in competitions such as Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Daytona, Daytona 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He holds a total of 67 trophies as a result of his spectacular car racing talent.

5) Mario Andretti

Best Car Racers of the WorldMario broke the record after winning the Indy 500, Daytona 500 and a Formula Championship. Thus, he became the next American to win the three competitions after the record was kept by another American racer who won the competitions after being racing from 1964 to 1994. He also won other competitions such as Indy car championships and Indianapolis 500.

6) Ayrton Senna

Best Car Racers of the WorldHe is a Brazilian born car racer who recorded a massive 41 GP victories. Senna also recorded 65 poles and 19 fastest laps which made him one of the best car racers the world has ever seen. He was also known for his ability to drive under harsh weathers, for example, in Estoril and in Donington Park.

7) Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Best Car Racers of the WorldEarnhardt previously recorded a total of seven championships and also 76 wins. He was known for his hard character after he would not let any drive go past him easily. As a result, this made it possible for him to beat other drives in different races.

8) Lewis Hamilton

Best Car Racers of the WorldAfter his stunning performance in the 2007 F1 Season and the Malaysian Grand Prix, Hamilton was able to impress many people in the world. Also, his famous win against Massa made him to be recognized among the world best car racers. Currently, Hamilton has recorded a total of nine wins in 20 starts.

9) Jammie Johnson

Best Car Racers of the WorldJohnson is a winner of 6 Championships and 2 Daytona 500 wins. After participating in only five Daytona 500 competitions, he managed to record two of them to his name. This acted to showcase his career and talent in car racing.

10) Mark Donohue

Best Car Racers of the WorldIn his first five appearances in the Indy 500s, Donohue managed to beat other experienced drivers to record a win in his tender age in 1972. Eventually, he participated in Formula 1 in 1971, 1974, and in 1975.


Whereas some car racers fade, some have managed to retain a high reputation. However, only a few who have made it to showcase their ability and skills. This has been resulted by their drive and passion to achieve the best out of car racing.

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