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Ford Performance Teams (Formerly Ford Racing)

Ford Performance Teams

The Ford Performance Teams is the brand name used to refer to the racing activities and motorsports by Ford Company. The Ford team started engaging in racing in the year 1896. This is the year when the founder of the company-Henry Ford, reached the highest speed of 20mph with his first car named Quadricycle. Up to date, the company has engaged in numerous races with approximately 606 wins. In the formula one held in Abu Dhabi, they have managed 176 wins while in V8 Supercar racing held in Australia they have clinched 330 wins.

About Ford Performance Teams

Ford Performance Teams The ford teams have taken part in various racing competition. Some of the most significant platforms where the ford teams have taken part include:

  • Formula One
  • National Association for Stock Car (NASCAR)
  • World Rally
  • Global Rally Cross
  • Automobile Racing Club of America
  • World WRX
  • V8 Supercar
  • Touring Car
  • Formula Drift
  • United Sportscar Championship
  • World GT1 and GTS


Ford Performance Teams Some of the ford performance teams that have taken part in NASCAR racing series include:

Team Penske: This team started their racing at NASCAR in 1972. Currently, they have fourteen drivers and have worn 103 in the sprint series.

Roush Fenway: This is one of the most experienced teams in NASCAR. It was founded in the year 1988, has engaged in 5,499 racing events with 322 wins to their name. In the sprint series, they currently have a pole position of 88.

Richard Petty Motorsports: This racing team was founded in the year 2000. Their total racing to date is approximately one thousand and twelve. They are credited with twenty-seven wins in the NASCAR sprint series and have a pole position of 36.

Stewart-Haas Team: This is the team is expected to race the ford car in the sprint series in 2017. They were founded in 2003 and as such experienced in racing.


Ford Performance Teams In the ARCA racing series, Lira Motorsport is the Ford performance team that represents the ford team in the competition. The team was launched in2015 and took place in 20 racing events. They won two racing events at sprint series. Unfortunately, this particular racing team was terminated earlier this year.

The World Rally Championship

Some of the ford teams that have taken part in this championship include:

M-sport Rally Team: this team was founded in 2006 and has no win so far.

DMack world Team: This Britain-based team was founded in 2012 and also has no win to its record.

Yazeed Al-Rajhi: This is a Saudi Arabia-born driver who has been racing for the ford team in this championship. He started racing in the year 2008 and has 5 points to his record.

World GT1 and GTS

Ford Performance Teams Fischer Racing: This is a Ford racing team was founded in 2006 and is based in Germany. Other ford performance teams in this series are Belgian Team and the Marc VDS Team.

Some of the past Ford Performance teams include Sun Trust team, Matech GT team, Abu Dhabi team, and Munch’s Ford rally team.


In every racing competition, the Ford Performance team has a capable and experienced racing team. Unfortunately, in January during the Detroit Auto show week, the Chief of Ford Performance confirmed that they will not be taking part in V8 Supercar racing series in the near future. This, he said is not congruent to their current priorities. Nevertheless, the Ford team is one of the most experienced team in the history of motor activities and as such very knowledgeable on various issue entailing cars and racing.

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