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How Can Dash Camera Help to Win the Race?


A dashboard-mounted camera is a camera that has the ability to record all that takes place on the road. Some cameras have a GPS built in, this helps you to know the spots where the recording took place.

Dash camera manufactures have become more innovative in increasing the usability of their products. In connection to this, the use of such cameras has been used in racing; and such a product can help you win a race.

Dash Cameras and Racing

Recording and Over-writing the Footage

Unlike earlier times when cameras would only record- the increase in technology has translated to better and wider use of the cameras. The dash camera does recording and also over-writes the footage. This is going to help one to have a competitive edge in racing.

Special Features

How Can Dash Camera Help to Win the RaceSome dash cams have special features that allow you to select the sections of the footage to keep (this is done automatically). In addition to that, there are sensors which are used to detect lane movement, any movement near your car, and frontal collision. Thus, during a race, you can easily detect any probability of collision or any disruption. This is going to help you save as much time as possible. You can visit the Dash Camera Zone for some of the best dash cam reviews where you can get a list of dashboard camers with different features and how they compare to each other. Before choosing the dash cam for your car you need to know what features you need.

Automatic Rotation of the View

Racing drivers are going to benefit from the automatic rotation of the field of view. In addition to that, the amateur racer as well as the professional racer ought to practice the routes before the race.

It should be noted that most users use specific and pre-determined routes. After much practice, you can record everything and continue with the practice at home (through reviewing the recording). You can also lay down concrete strategies for the new races.

Satellite Technology

Satellite technology enhances the use of GPS which in turn helps in global positioning during racing. In particular, country racers are going to find this feature beneficial. This is because it will give them a better view of the road’s terrain. Furthermore, you are going to know the speed of the car at different positions.

G-Sensors and Better Day and Night Vision

How Can Dash Camera Help to Win the RaceThe use of the G-sensors (gravity sensor) is going to help you know some things all at the same time. It should be noted that the racing driver can change the levels of sensibility or totally disable some features.
In addition to that, some cameras have well-developed night or light vision. Consequently, the racer is able to capture the driving experience whether it is during the day or at night. It should be noted that the flashing interferes with the quality of night recording. Consequently, when searching for a dash cam, be sure to buy a camera that successfully controls and manages the lighting.

Speakers and Sound

The features of the sounds as well as the speakers do make the racing practice as well as the actual racing better. You can also revisit the interaction between you and your team-mate for a better understanding. In connection to this, the use of speakers can help you get warnings on your driving.


Be sure to check the classing system of your dash camera. Typically, this depends on if you are ready to invest in a high-end product or a budget camera. Other categories include duo and mid-range camera. Almost all this categories have the above mentioned features. However, if you want to have a higher chance of winning a race, consider buying a camera that is at least a mid-range camera, and higher.

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