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How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer is an efficient way of cleaning your car. Not only does a pressure washer pack more cleaning power than your typical garden hose, it also uses less water, so you get to save even a little on your water utility bill. In this article, we will talk about the basics of using a pressure washer to wash your car.

Using a pressure washer to wash your car

How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure WasherCleaning your car using a pressure might be intuitive, but there are a couple of things you should consider before cleaning your car using a pressure washer. Here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Make sure that you are using the right pressure setting as well as the right nozzle.Pressure washers can be used to clean grime and debris off concrete surfaces, so you should be wary of the pressure setting you are using when washing your car using a pressure washer. For washing cars, you want a pressure washer at a setting of between 1900 and 2800 cleaning units. Any less than that and you might as well have just used your garden hose. Any more and you might end up causing some damage on your car’s paint job. Make sure that the pressure setting is between 1200 and 1900 PSI. If possible, use two types of nozzles: a 25 degree and a 40 degree. A 25 degree nozzle is great for cleaning wheels and truck beds, as well as in removing mud stains from the surface of the car. A 40 degree, meanwhile, covers a large area at once and is ideal for rinsing off detergent.
  2. How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure WasherMake sure that your cark is parked in an open space before starting washing it. Using a pressure washer to wash your car will inevitably lead to water spraying in all directions, so do your washing in an area where nothing can be water damaged. Also, if your pressure washer is electric, make sure that you are washing your car somewhere near an outlet. Note that some pressure washers cannot be plugged in extension cords so plan accordingly.
  3. Start with a pre-wash rinse using a 25 degree nozzle. Before applying detergent to your car, you would want to remove mud stains and other debris first. Make sure that your pressure washer is properly plugged in and connected to a water source. Make sure that a 25 degree nozzle is also plugged in. Turn on the pressure washer and do some test sprays on the ground to check the water pressure. If the pressure is alright, start spraying water on the surface of the car, paying particular attention to dirty parts, especially the tires and hubcaps. As much as possible, spray the water onto the surface of the car with a downward motion.
  4. How to Wash Your Car with A Pressure WasherApply detergent. If your pressure washer does not have a compartment for detergent, then you have no choice but to soap the car yourself. However, if there is a detergent compartment, all you have to do is dilute the detergent with water in a bucket, then pour the solution into the detergent tank of the pressure washer. Make sure that the detergent you are using is especially formulated for use with pressure washers. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your pressure washer. Once the detergent tank is full, switch the setting of your pressure washer so that you are spraying detergent and not water, and start spraying your car with the detergent solution.
  5. Rinse the car using a 40 degree nozzle. Once you are done soaping your car, remove the 25 degree nozzle attached to the pressure washer hose and replace it with a 40 degree nozzle. Switch the output of your pressure washer back to the water source (so you do not end up spraying your car with more soapy water) and thoroughly wash off the detergent from the surface of your car.

And that is how easy it is to wash your car with a pressure washer. All you need to do is follow these five simple steps and you will have a spanking clean car in no time. Of course, after using your pressure washer, make sure to clean and dry it off properly, and put it back in proper storage.

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