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What Requirements Should Be In Your Car Gun Safe?

Possessing a gun requires you to take responsibility and take great care for it. A car gun safe ensures that your gun is safe when it is in the car. At the same time, it allows you to quickly pick your gun to protect yourself or your car in case of robbery cases.

However, you need to ensure that you have the right choice of a gun safe in order to have proper security and quick access of your gun in your car and gun safe reviews are recommended for you to help you find the perect gun safe for you. Thus, you should be keen on the gun safe’s features.

Requirements of a Car Gun Safe

1) Slimmer Design

What Requirements Should Be In Your Car Gun SafeA car gun safe should not be like a gun safe that is used at home. It should be sensitive to the limited space in a vehicle. Thus, a car gun safe should be able to fit in the small space that is left by the seats and other parts of the vehicle.

Therefore, a gun safe with a slimmer design may preferably be better than that one which has an outwards-extended shape. This will make it easy to fit the gun safe between the seats for an easy access and usage.

2) Proper Locking Mechanism

You may consider different choices of locking mechanisms for your car gun safe. There are various locking mechanisms such as mechanical dial, mechanical push buttons, thumb print scanning, and electronic pin code.
In this case, you might select the type of locking mechanism that suits you depending on the aspects such as ease of use and quick response. Mostly, individuals select mechanical locks since they are easier to use.

3) Compatible Mounting Option

Different car gun safes have different mounting options. First is the security cable which is easy to mount anywhere in the car. However, a security cable may become loose and eventually become functionless.
Secondly, other car gun safes come with drilled holes and screws.

What Requirements Should Be In Your Car Gun SafeTherefore, all you need is a screw driver to drill in your safe. However, burglars may find it easy to just unscrew the safe. This may result to loss of your gun as well as the safe. Nonetheless, this option is better since it is fixed and, thus, it is easier to use.

4) Functional Structural Integrals

Mostly, burglars are always targeting to break into cars and the car gun safes in order to reach the guns. Therefore, a car gun safe is vulnerable to frequent shocks or being hit using items such as hammers or crowbar.

Therefore, you need to install a strongly and secure car gun safe to prevent any forceful removal by the burglars or robbers. Preferably, you may choose a gun safe made of thick steel material such as 16 GA. Such a gun safe would present burglars and robbers with a hard task to break.


Do not risk storing your gun inside the glove compartment. The glove compartment may seem easy to use especially in case of unexpected occurrence. However, such storage is easy for burglars to access and take your gun. Therefore, find a car gun safe which is lockable and safe from being broken. This will allow you to easily safeguard your gun from being stolen.

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